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The cultivation of apples has a long tradition in the South of "Burgenland". As long as 700 years back, first of all apples have been grown here.

In order to react quickly to the high quality expec-tations of the market and the changes of tastes and consumer habits it is necessary to renew the apple plantations every 12 years.

Each year between 40 and 50.000 young trees being cultivated in order to replant 7–8 hectares.

We have hale-net coverage above all our apple quarters and the possibility to water them from own ponds protect our cultures from extreme climatic situations and guarantees even high quality of both apples flesh and outside.


Harvest: Depending on the weather situation and how mature the apples are the harvest starts early to mid-August. Using special harvesting vehicles the apples are picked exclusively by hand. They are put into cases very carefully to avoid damages.

Sorting: The freshly harvested apples are transported in a water basin of drinking water quality and are liable to a comprehensive quality control. An exact analysis in terms of consistency and the sugar content provides important informations for determining the durability of a particular apple variety under optimal storage conditions.

Storage: Exlusively handpicked Top Quality is packaged as required – in a final step our forklift drivers deposit the fresh goods into cold storages with controlled atmosphere.

For three years, our focus is directed to a highly original innovation, a new apple variety that is successful under the brand name REDLOVE® 

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